V2.7 Update [APRIL 27, 2022]

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Team indema

Hey Designers!

We have officially migrated to quarterly update notes instead of monthly. Why? Because we aren't updating the app nearly as much as our first year, still, quite a lot of updates just not as frequent as before. So with that, here is your most recent indema digest!


  • Fixed an issue where we removed the system form auto-bulking time logs from one day. If you want to put time log entries for an invoice into 1 line item, you can use the "grouping" feature to do so.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were getting an error when trying to create an estimate of approved items from the product review page.
  • Fixed an issue with ship-to address not showing up on PO.
  • Fixed an issue where emails were not being sent via email automation module.
  • Fixed a PDF layout bug that caused a random line on some generated documents.
  • Fixed an issue where some cases of "[objet-error]" was showing on newly updated invoices.
  • Fixed an issue where estimate and invoice numbers were not generating correctly. Causing a "already used" error.
  • Other various fixes to small to list. 😀


  • Email automation! You can now send out e-mail automation campaigns to leads and clients.
  • New product review facelift where you can now show detailed information on the image popup, and choose what to show the client. Project-specific.
  • You can now group items in estimates and invoices and show grouped item to clients.
  • Added new certified partner program. (indema.co/partnership)
  • In at indema - A brand new community for designers. Coming End of May! Apply by going to indema.co/whose-in
  • Added combine option on time-log invoices.


  • New support portal: $ Support.indema.co$ with updated articles.
  • Updated billing page to show all billing and add-ons, as well as billing details in one page.
  • Updated the sign-up flow (obviously doesn't apply to you, but for new folks!), where its a single page sign-up process.
  • You can now delete uploaded images from the visionboard.
  • We've completely re-vamped our settings section to add notes, adjust some settings, and added more notification options for you.
  • Added "QTY" column to products section
  • Added "Spec #" column to products section.
  • Improved performance by paginating products section so that it loads quicker.
  • Made an adjustment to time-log invoices where it will no longer auto-bulk time logs into one. You can still do this by combining them and showing combined version to the client.


  • Adding new columns to the product section so you can manage the product even more. (Adding tracking, expediting, CFA approval date, PO sent date which will auto-generate, RFQ sent date which will also auto-populate, Ordered date, Quote received date, Lead time with a dropdown and pre-made date range of RTS, 1-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 6-12 weeks, and 12+ weeks, Status where you can create custom status for items, approved/declined which will auto-populate if client approved/declined and also be manual in case client verbally approved, and lastly a flag column where you can flag an item for follow up.
  • A new set of 12 filtering options for the above to where you can show all products that don't have a quote date, or show products that are ordered. Etc...


  • XERO integration (No ETA, as we are running into conflicts with QBO)
  • New File manager and project files User Interface. (NO ETA)
  • inbound and outbound email capabilities with automation. (DELAYED TO JUNE)
  • Specifications Module (DELAYED TO MAY)
  • Integrately connection. API to connect other apps. (NO ETA)


  • We have fully retired the "Payroll" section that generated pay statements.

Until the next update, TaTa and hope you all stay safe, healthy and enjoy your week!!

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