Streamlining Workroom Communicatins

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Bridget Ray this may be a good one. When we do custom fabrication of pillows, bedding, and window treatments, there's all the detailed specs needed to communicate with a workroom. It would be great to send off RFQ's to a workroom with our specs/drawing files and then update the product in a project with the quote, thus eventually leading to any normal invoicing to a client for approval and then sending po's to workroom and any vendors such as fabrics. I think this may also be a similar setup when working with a cabinet fabricator for things such as built-ins and perhaps custom kitchens? For now, this communications with workrooms is scatterd in emails, and then we're transferring this info into indema. Below is a screen shot of the first page of an RFQ I sent to a workroom.

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Team indema

Hey there! There are a LOT of moving parts to this specifically with workroom items. Would you be open to a phone call with Timothy about these specifics? I think it would help a bit to understand the flow we would need to implement with this. 😀

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