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Team indema

Hey designers! We have been a bit quiet on development lately, primarily because we have been working on something relatively huge. More an improvement than a new feature. So, I wanted to outline what we are doing.

We have been making a huge adjustment / improvement to the products page.
Here's everything that we are updating:

  1. There will be no more "scrolling" left and right to see all columns.

  2. We will be adding more columns to the view, to increase the Key points of a product from the existing 31 points to a whopping 40 points.

  3. There will be two tabs at the top that filter the view to two sections. The first being product details that encompass the details of the actual product. The next, being dates and warehouse information as well as pricing information. Switching between the two details allows you to be able to see everyone in one place, versus having to scroll left and right all the time.

  4. A brand new product add page that covers most of the product key points.

  5. New filtering options that allow you to then filter the products from (example), show products with a quote date. Or, show products without a quote date. And the list goes on. We added an incredible 23 filter options which also include enhancing the existing filtering options there already.

  6. STATUS'! You will then also be able to add custom status' to products, and filter by those status'.

  7. FLAGGING! You will also be able to flag a product. In the settings, you will also be able to indicate how frequently you get an email about the flagged items. This can technically be flag for anything, but the intention of it is to allow you to get a email to remind you to follow up with the vendor about these products you are flagging.

And lastly... Auto-approval/auto-decline updates... So, when your client approves an item, it will automatically show you which items are approved/rejected by your client so you don't have to fish for that information or chase it.

Due to the intense changes we are doing to not only the user-interface but also the logic of the platform it's been taking quite a while and pushing most of the features we need to get done on hold or be delayed/pushed back. So, we are terribly sorry for any delays in new features. Once we have this changed, it will be much easier for us to adjust the products page to bring WAY more to your firm pertaining to products.

As always, thank YOU for being the best part of indema. <3

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